Highly regarded as a “magician” and “wizard”, clients are raving about this retoucher. 

Hailing from Oakland, California, Kevin is committed to a standard of excellence. “These cabinets are too magenta…” he mutters with an intense fixation to his monitor. “.. I’m really loving these tiles..” he continues, stylus in hand while scribbling away on his tablet. 

It’s hard to ignore his extreme attention to detail. He offers a great deal of experience, equipped with all kind of creative juices and a technical prowess that can only be described as a “double-whammy”. 

When he’s not finessing pixels in Photoshop, he likes to spend his free time watching space documentaries, jammin’ out to his favorite playlist while practicing italic calligraphy, or immersing himself in his next non-fiction audiobook. 

His experience with retouching includes, product, lifestyle, and his favorite: interior/ architectural photography. He enjoys retouching at a commercial photo studio while taking on projects from many different clients. His talents go beyond retouching. He has a strong photography background, complimented with photo assisting, and digi-tech experience.

“DONE-ZO!” he exclaims, perched over his desk, both hands in the air, one still clenching on his stylus. Suddenly, he sits down with a somber expression. He explains, “It’s almost bitter sweet. I really enjoyed retouching that. But I’m excited to start on this next job!” he finally lets go of his stylus to export the final images and wails the chorus of Circle of Life by Elton John. 

“Let the wild rumpus start!”
– Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak